Nikah Prenup

Islamic prenuptial agreement service

Avoid drafting costs with our template. Then finalize with any family law lawyer in your state.

Most US states don't have a Muslim family law lawyer.

So, if you want an Islamic prenup you need to find a non-Muslim family law lawyer, explain the Islamic values and principles you want them to include, and cover the hourly costs of them drafting that prenup.


You could use our service for a fixed price ($750).

How it works.

Step 1
Complete forms

You and your spouse will fill out individual asset disclosure forms and a joint marriage form.

Step 2
Reveiw responses

Our team will review and coordinate any modifications if needed and create a draft prenuptial agreemtent.

Step 3
Deliver draft

You and your spouse will use this draft and seek out inidiviual legal consul in your state to finalize the terms.

Our team.

  • Sh. Joe Bradford Image

    Sh. Joe Bradford

    Islamic Law Scholar

    Graduate from the Islamic University of Medina specializing in finance, economics, and law. Previously Vice President & Senior Shariah Consultant for AlRajhi Bank, the largest Islamic Bank in the Middle East.

  • Naveed Husain Image

    Naveed Husain

    Family Law Attorney

    Managing partner of Farooqi & Husain Law Office. Specialized in family law (Islamic divorce), estate planning, and business litigation.